Human error is the leading cause of network outages and vulnerabilities. Its time to end that.

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From executives to students, if you’re in the network space, Tesuto can simplify and secure your process.

Network engineers
Accurately see the impact of intended changes before rollout.
SOLUTION engineers
Give your customers peace of mind by offering a pre-validated proposal in an emulated clone of their network.
Network architects
Test new ideas, regardless of complexity, and scale in minutes. Introduce new devices or even vendors in your networks and validate the new architecture.
System engineers
With the ability to attach cloud instances to emulated devices, Tesuto allows you to ensure network changes do not negatively impact application behavior.
Network Researchers
Test SDN research ideas on a large-scale network.
Security Engineers
Integrate penetration testing environments with Tesuto and get a complete picture of to-be-deployed security policies prior to authorizing production changes.
Significantly reduce the need to deploy and maintain expensive lab environments.
Students & Instructors
Tesuto is the perfect platform to allow students interact with a large scale network while learning network technologies.


Tesuto’s is built to scale, no matter how large your network.

Enterprise data centers & private clouds
Validate network systems stack and find bugs in the management/control plane, ensuring that there are no production disruptions as a result of config/topology changes.
Transit Networks
Test routing policies ahead of deployment and get a clear vision for announcement and routing tables that result from intended changes.
Edge Networks
Integrate Tesuto with your CI/CD environment, ensuring that each routing change or new neighbor doesn’t negatively impact the overall routing policy.
Significantly reduce customer facing outages by validating network changes prior to deployment.

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