It is simple. Clone your network in the cloud. Interact with it like your production devices to test your automation and intended changes or use Tesuto emulation platform for research and training purposes.

cloud 1 cloud 2 cloud 3 hero node left hero node right

Core Features

The Tesuto product is built around a core of necessary features for maintaining a highly available network.

Full Scale Emulation
Emulate your entire network in a scalable cloud environment with a few clicks.
Fully Interactive
Interact with the test environment using the same tools and methods as production.
Validation Engine
Run automated (canned or user defined) test batteries to validate network functions as intended.
Hook up with custom solutions using Tesuto’s robust, and ever growing library.
Connect virtual routers to emulate layer 2 connectivity.
User Interface
Powerful, Intuitive UI to quickly mockup and launch networks.


A range of tools to help you maximize uptime.

A/B Testing
Test multiple configurations, revealing the best possible solution.
Integrate existing Tools & Workflows
Use your existing tools and workflows with Tesuto to maintain operational parity with your production network.
Automated Testing
Tesuto can be integrated with your config generation pipeline to implement CI/CD for networking.
Full OSI Layer 2 connectivity
Connect virtual routers to emulate layer 2 connectivity.
Easy Automation
Tesuto’s powerful APIs allows you to integrate it with any homegrown network management solution you have.
Connect Real Hardware
Add physical hardware from your lab or new vendors to test your environments.
3rd Party Integrations
Tesuto is actively working with networking vendors for out of the box integrations with major config gen and change management solutions.
Test Disaster Recovery
Validate veracity by testing disaster recovery plans.
Create Impairments
Take a virtual hammer to your network and break things to see how the network behaves.


Ready to test these features?